The Ajou Networking Systems (NetSys) Research Group is a research collaboration effort between the 
within the Department of Computer Engineering at Ajou University

The Ubiquitous Networked Systems Lab focuses on the active area of research and development in mobile computing systems, wireless/ubiquitous networking, data-centric/software-defined Future Internet.

The UbiNeS lab, established in 2004, has been active in mobile ad hoc networks, wireless sensor networks, wireless LAN/PAN technologies, and mission-critical networked systems. The special focus of recent years includes various challenging issues such as Drone networking, Internet-of-Things (IoT) connectivity and data management, Named Data Networking (NDN) with Big data, Connected cars, Smart Grid networking, and Tactical edge networking. The UbiNeS will continue to devote their best to become the research group that can lead the ubiquitous world.

The Ajou Embedded Intelligent Systems Lab focuses on a broad range of research topics within the domain of embedded systems, intelligent computing and human-computer interaction.

The basis of our research is in identifying interesting system-level requirements for real-world applications, and spans to designing hardware/software prototypes for addressing challenging application tasks. Specifically, the AEIS lab focuses on issues such as low-power embedded/mobile computing systems, sensing-based context recognition systems, and intelligently ambient mobile sensing system design for applications such as healthcare, transportation or buildings.

The Ajou Embedded Intelligent Systems (AEIS) Lab. is affiliated with the Dept. of Computer Engineering and the Dept. of Biomedical Informatics at the Ajou School of Medicine